Rotational Lifting Magnet Rotational MAG-GON DYNA

Rotating hydraulic power magnet
without electric wiring and hydraulic piping

New model of MAG-GON that can use powerful magnet without electric wiring.
In the "Dyna series" that can be turned with only hydraulic piping system, magnet can be attracted as well as rotating.

Can be rotated by remote control

Just insert the remote control into the excavator's cigar socket. Easy setup allows rotation by remote control operation. By operating the remote control unit attached to the cabin, it is possible to turn to the left, turn to the right and rotation. Reinforcing bar collection work at the demolition job site and loading/unloading work at the scrap processing site are dramatically improved.



12 - 14 20.6 or more 27 or more 1060 1110 620 60 (Repeating cycle of power on 6 minutes and pause 4 minutes) 6.2 φ900 1210 Pig iron:500kg, Steel plate cut layer:300kg, Chips:200kg


20 - 22 27.4 or more 54 or more 1160 1370 750 60 (Repeating cycle of power on 6 minutes and pause 4 minutes) 9.3 φ1100 2020 Pig iron:900kg, Steel plate cut layer:500kg, Chips:300kg

・A breaker piping or single two-way hydraulic piping is required (You cannot use with the excavator with back pressure exceeds 4.9 MPa) .
・Please consult your Taguchi dealer about the hydraulic excavator class to attach the product.
・The attachment cannot be installed on a hydraulic excavator of a different class.


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