Rotational Lifting Magnet Rotational MAG-GON

Rotating Hydraulic Power Magnet Without Electrical Wiring

MAG-GON is a lifting magnet that does not require electrical wiring and rotating type is also available.
It increases work efficiency in various job site.

No electrical wiring required in excavator
High Efficiency work with 360° Rotating Action

Whereas conventional types require modifications such as electrical wiring to excavator body side, MAG-GON does not require any customization.No additional batteries or generators are required.

Since it is possible 360° rotating action, you can do a lifting work safely and easily in various job sites.

Good Design Award 2018
Winning Model

At Good Design Award 2018 sponsored by Japan Institute of Design Promotion, MAG-GON won the "Good Design Award".



6 - 8 20.6 or more 19 or more 900 890 500 60 (Repeating cycle of power on 6 minutes and pause 4 minutes) 3.3 φ700 750 Pig iron:350kg, Steel plate cut layer:200kg, Chips:100kg


12 - 14 20.6 or more 27 or more 1060 1110 620 60 (Repeating cycle of power on 6 minutes and pause 4 minutes) 6.2 φ900 1250 Pig iron:500kg, Steel plate cut layer:300kg, Chips:200kg


20 - 22 20.6 or more 54 or more 1160 1370 750 60 (Repeating cycle of power on 6 minutes and pause 4 minutes) 9.3 φ1100 2000 Pig iron:900kg, Steel plate cut layer:500kg, Chips:300kg

・Double two-way hydraulic pipes are required.
・A drain piping is required when the back pressure of the rotation line exceeds 2 MPa.
・However, you cannot use with an excavator with the back pressure of power generating line exceeds 4.9 MPa.
・Please consult your Taguchi dealer about the hydraulic excavator class to attach the product.


Introducing Hydraulic Lifting Magnet "MAG-GON"