Twin Cylinder Crushing Cutter Guzzilla Crushing Cutter D-SRC

Versatile Model mainly for SRC Structure Demolition

Realize top-class opening range by original designed solid twin cylinders.
Versatile machine that is good not only for dismantling SRC structures, but also for cutting steel frames and general demolition work.
A simple design structure without synchronization link brings maintenance cost reduction.

Top-class Opening Range
Three types of rotation

D-SRC series Crushing Cutter with top-class wide opening range enables you to do the same job with your smaller excavator in a narrow job site. The biggest features of Guzzilla series, ""ultimate weight-saving"", ""top-class wide opening range"", and ""ultimate cutting force"", enable comfortable work.
You can choose from 3 rotation types, F type(free rotation), S type (hydraulic rotation) and A type (automatic rotation).

Powerful cutting of SRC structures
with a long special steel blade

The long blade enables not only crushing work with the tip and middle of tooth, but also cutting work of steel frame contained in the SRC structures. The tip side blade can be used on 4 sides reversible and the bottom side blade on 2 sides reversible. The specially shaped blades are designed to prevent damage to the jaws and are made of special steel material for exclusive use with Guzzilla cutter.



F 12 - 14 31.4 34.3 1950 1000 410 709 1050 1640 1520


F 20 - 22 31.4 34.3 2280 1300 520 1170 1770 2600 2490
S 2520
A 2540

・Single two-way hydraulic piping is required for F-Type.
・Double two-way hydraulic pipes are required for S type (However, drain piping is required when the back pressure of the rotation line exceeds 2 MPa) .
・Single two-way hydraulic piping is required for A type (Rotation may not be possible when the operating pressure is low) .
・We recommend reinforcing the arm of a hydraulic excavator that has the Guzzilla series installed.
・The attachment cannot be installed on a hydraulic excavator of a different class.