Cutter Heads Garigari-kun

Asphalt & Concrete Cutting Work speedy and powerfully

TH series is good for road repair work and assisting work with large cutting machines.
Realize speedy and powerful cutting work at the job site of quarry, asphalt & concrete cutting and hard soil excavation.

Realize working with low-noise using cutting bits

Realize powerful excavation and cutting work with TAGUCHI's unique rotation mechanism.Using cutting bits enables to work with low impact and low noise compared to hydraulic breakers.

Cutting with 76 bits on the dual drum

Cutting with 76 bits on the dual drum.By rotating each special designed bit individually, uneven wear of the bit does not occur and it brings reduction of maintenance cost.



6 - 8 27.4 - 950 925 φ505 81 (at 120L/min) 5840 23 750


12 - 14 31.4 - 1070 970 φ605 110 (at 200L/min) 7460 25 1280


20 - 22 - 27.4* 1240 1020 φ655 164 (at 400L/min) 9620 29 1790

・Note for Max Operating Pressure for TH-202 : Relief Valve installed, Set Pressure is 27.4 Mpa.
・A breaker piping or single two-way hydraulic piping is required.
・A drain piping is required for the excavator when the back pressure of the rotation line exceeds 3.4 Mpa.
・The attachment cannot be installed on a hydraulic excavator of a different class.


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