Plastic Scrap Shear Guzzilla All Blade

Powerful Cutting of Waste Plastic

GAB series is a mechanical cutter which enables powerful cutting work of waste plastic, fishing net and blue tarp.

Covered with a long blade to the tip

A special steel blade that cover to the tip of cutter cuts waste plastic, fishing net and blue tarp easily.The blade is replaceable and can be used on 2 sides reversible. It brings reduction of maintenance cost and also easy maintenance.



12 - 14 1250 680 -300 580 480 284 519 780

・Max. and Min. opening width, Cutting force at tip and center may vary slightly depending on the mounting excavator.
・We recommend reinforcing the arm of a hydraulic excavator that has the Guzzilla series installed.
・The attachment cannot be installed on a hydraulic excavator of a different class.


Product Features | Mechanical Scrap Shear "Guzzilla All Blade"