Mixing Bucket Drive Mixing

The most suitable machine for ground improvement work

DM can perform mixing and excavating work efficiently by rotating a powerful rotor with a hydraulic motor.
It brings mixing od various soil conditioner quickly and equally.

Honeycomb shape hole type is also available

DM-62 has the honeycomb skeleton shape hole type as standard option. It is lighter than the other standard types and it is easy to maintain.



6 - 8 27.4 915 1050 100 570


12 - 14 34.3 1100 1230 129 830


20 - 22 34.3 1270 1450 129 1360

・Single two-way hydraulic piping is required.
・A drain piping is required for the excavator when the back pressure of the rotation line exceeds 3.4 Mpa.
・The attachment cannot be installed on a hydraulic excavator of a different class.
・Shape of the mesh differs depending on model.


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