Taguchi Industrial Co., Ltd. sets forth the following privacy policy in the light of importance of the protection of personal data.

Establishing a Personal Information Protection System

Our company enforces a system for proper protection of personal information, and has its officers and employees recognize the importance of personal information protection.

Providing, using, collecting personal information

Our company formulates various rules concerning the collection, utilization, provision, etc. of personal information within the company, and appropriately handles personal information based on these rules.

Security Control Measures

In order to secure the accuracy and safety of personal information, our company continuously implements security management measures, starting with information security measures, and makes efforts to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, or loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal information.

Respect for right of the information itself

The company fully respects the rights of the data subject in regards to personal information, and respond by due compliance with laws and regulations, whenever the subject of the data wishes to disclose, correct, or delete his/her information, or refuses to use, or provide his/her information.

Observing Laws and Regulations

With regard to the treatment of personal information, our company observes the laws and regulations, together with other guidelines regarding the protection of personal information.

Utilization purpose

We utilize personal information, such as addresses and names of our customers (including information concerning transaction between the customer and us, below called “personal information”) for the following purposes.In addition, we will not utilize personal information of our customers for other than the following purposes without our obtaining a consent from the customer in cause beforehand.

  • Guidance by forwarding of advertisement literature, telephone, or transmission of electronic mail, concerning products and services that we handle or various event campaigns.
  • Questionnaire surveys implemented in order to consider product development or customer satisfaction improvement measures.
  • Handing of personal information of customers to the following third parties, by writing or an electronic medium.Nevertheless, information offering to third parties will be stopped, provided an application of the customer in cause.
  • Sending of announcements and other contacts concerning employment offers Information can be sent over to the company itself or to our affiliated companies.Nevertheless, in case that information are published for other purposes by websites, documents, etc., or in case that the utilization purpose was clearly indicated to the customer upon its acquiring, priority shall be given to that utilization purpose.

Disclosure and correction of personal information

In the event there are claims such as disclosure, the alternation from visitor principal with respect to the personal information that we hold based on law concerning the protection of the personal information, we cope adequately.Request methods for disclosure or correction are as following:

  • Please contact the following query desk.
  • We will send you a request form concerning disclosure and correction, after confirming the contents of your query.
    *We will inquire the name, address etc, to use for sending out a request or request claim method guide concerning disclosure or correction.
  • When your request form for disclosure or correction arrives, please fill in the necessary items in the request form and mail it to the destination within request method guide, together with documents that confirm your identity.
    *Identity confirmation documents: a copy of driver’s license, a certified copy of resident card.
    *Fees to obtain identity confirmation documents at administrative agency, copy charges and the costs pertaining to transportation shall be supported by the customer.
  • We will reply in writing by 2 weeks after receiving the above documents.