Cut/Crush Demolition


The GUZZILA series crushers boast the industry’s most effective cutting/crushing demolition power. Key features are not only the twin cylinders’ amazing power, but also a significant weight reduction and the industry’s largest opening width. One of most popular series that embodies Taguchi’s innovative technology.

Grapple Everything


The first model was released in 1985. Since then, for more than 35 years, the “Grasper” series has been hugely successful in a wide range of fields, such as dismantling of wooden structures and industrial waste treatment plants. This product also laid the foundation of Taguchi Industries Co. Ltd. and secured Taguchi’s reputation for highest quality equipment.

Hydraulic Power Generation Magnet


MAG-GON series is a hydraulic power generation magnet only with the hydraulic piping to generate electricity. Collaborative versions with existing attachments such as the GUZZILLA pulverizer and Grasper are also popular.