Rebar Cutter & Concrete Crusher Guzzilla Single Cutter

Single Cylinder Model and Easy Maintenance

MP/MFP single cylinder crushing cutter has a simple structure and is easier to maintain.
MP/MFP series is suitable for demolition work of reinforcing bars and steel structures and dismantling work of reinforced concrete structures.
MFP has a tooth for primary crushing work and it is good for both cutting and crushing work.

You can choose between lightweight MP and MFP
with a tooth for primary crushing work
according to your application

"B series", which is lightweight and has simple structure, is also available for all the models.
The blade can be used on 4 sides reversible and it brings reduction of maintenance cost.
You can choose from 2 rotation types, S type (hydraulic rotation) and A type (automatic rotation).



S 3 - 5 24.5 1200 415 240 157 336 240


S 6 - 8 24.5 27.4 1630 530 320 393 789 780
A 760


S 12 - 14 31.4 34.3 2070 690 400 566 1250 1360

・Double two-way hydraulic pipes are required for S type (However, drain piping is required when the back pressure of the rotation line exceeds 2 MPa for models such as MFP-62S, MFP-122S and MFP-202BS) .
・Single two-way hydraulic piping is required for A type (Rotation may not be possible when the operating pressure is low) .
・We recommend reinforcing the arm of a hydraulic excavator that has the Guzzilla series installed.
・The attachment cannot be installed on a hydraulic excavator of a different class.
・For installable models of the MP-36, contact your Taguchi dealer.