Asphalt Planer Escargon

Good For Cutting Asphalt in Road Repair Work

Escargon is good not only for cutting asphalt in road repair work but also assisting work with large cutting machines and small work around sidewalks and manholes.

Realize low noise and labor saving work

Tilt action (patented technology) brings various cutting angles and makes cutting work easier.The cutting parts are covered by the main body, it bring safe and low noise work.

Cutting depth can be set from 0 to 100 mm

The cutting depth can be freely set from 0 to 100 mm. Concrete cutting work is also possible by replacing the cutting bit.



2.5 - 3.5 740 780 375 250 0 - 85 100 (at 40L/min) 290


3 - 5 770 770 445 300 0 - 100 120 (at 50L/min) 340

・A breaker piping or single two-way hydraulic piping is required.
・You cannot use with the excavator with back pressure exceeds 2 MPa.
・Concrete Cutting Bid is optional.
・The attachment cannot be installed on a hydraulic excavator of a different class.


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